Surveillance is an on-site investigation designed to develop and document information concerning an individual’s degree of activity, physical health, appearance, and employment. Investigators are trained in the techniques of investigation as well as criminal and civil concerns associated with documenting evidence. They continually upgrade and maintain state of the art video equipment which enables them to photograph in the most difficult conditions. Not all surveillance people are created equal! Hire a professional agency with experienced investigators possessing the skills to get the job done right and produce the evidence you’re looking for.

  • Domestic Cases

Our company are experts in video surveillance. All information acquired via the evidence-gathering techniques we employ are admissible in court.  Our company provides detailed investigative reports and videotapes of subjects’ activities.

  • Child Support Investigations

We provide video surveillance of the parent’s activities, interaction with the child, and any misconduct on the part of the parent. We provide expert documentation of evidence affecting the custody of minor children that can significantly impact the child’s welfare.

  • Insurance/Comp/Fraud

We provide expert video surveillance of claimants in insurance and worker’s comp cases. We document the subject’s activities and will expose any potential fraud. We have worked extensively with various individuals, ranging from small business owners to insurance companies and corporations.

SIU Operations offers several specialized investigations, including Recorded Statements, Witness Location, Subrogation, Contestable Death Interviews, AOE/COE, Scene Investigations, Alive and Well Checks and Document Retrieval.
Background investigations are generally utilized to determine a subject’s history of criminal activity, civil litigation, property ownership, associates, relatives, and patterns of behavior. Backgrounds often successfully confirm or bring into question the subject’s credibility; it is an excellent tool to determine locations the subject may be living or working, past fraudulent activity, accident / injury history, and patterns of habitual litigation. Comprehensive Background Investigations can provide an eye-opening and cost-effective review of your subject when you suspect a problem. These investigations include locating Addresses, Phone Numbers, E-mail Addresses, Sexual Offenses, Criminal / Civil Records, Bankruptcies, Liens / Judgments, Driver’s Licenses, Property Ownership, Motor Vehicles, Watercraft / Aircraft Ownership, Professional Licenses, Concealed Weapons Permits, Social Networking Sites, Associates, Relatives, and more.

Ron Turner & Associates serves Summonses and Subpoenas in multiple jurisdictions of Georgia and other States. We provide quick professional service in this department.

Activity checks are relatively low cost, on-site investigations that can help determine if surveillance appears warranted. During an activity check, an investigator spends a limited amount of time in the area of the subject’s neighborhood, documenting conditions and sometimes speaking with people familiar with the subject’s daily activities. Activity checks are also effective in developing information regarding dependency status in death claims and long term disability cases.
A Recorded Statement is an in-depth on-site or telephonic interview with the claimant, insured, witness, or another party, used to determine the validity of a claim. Written and recorded statements verify facts and information surrounding an event and are used to help identify fraud and preserve evidence. Recorded Statements often make a crucial difference in litigation.

A scene Investigation is an on-site investigation into the setting and circumstance surrounding a claim related incident. This form of investigation provides photographs and diagrams that can help you make a more informed decision regarding the claim.

Using a GPS tracker alongside surveillance can be a key tool to assist in investigations. It can assist on surveillances and help give the results needed on a case with less wasted time.
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